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Useful links

Websites of news about free paper models

Websites about publishing new models. Register of existing models, etc.

  • br Papermau - By Mauther Papermau. All the world news about paper models (with archives over several years). Very regular update. A must to keep abreast of news and other!

Forums dealing with paper models

These forums are also very often downloading sites of free models made by the members of the forum.

Websites offering free paper models

Non-exhaustive list because these sites are numerous. New ones regularly appear on the Web while others disappear with all their contents.
Alas, many are in the form of blog which does not help to browse their contents.
The Websites below are listed in alphabetical order.





Secanda : Latin gerondive/verbal adjective use substantively and that could be translated as "things to cut".


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