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This chapel is deemed to be an old Templar chapel. Like many other "Chapels of the Templars" there is a lack of archaeological or documentary evidences to prove its link once to a Templar implantation.

However, unlike many chapels "of the Templars" for which this relation is completely fanciful and fantastical, the possibility that this chapel was a Templar chapel cannot be excluded. Three elements go in this direction: the local tradition, the name of the village and the typology of the building. This hamlet is called "The Temple" a place name often associated with old Templar settlement; in addition the place name seems old and not a romantic neologism. The chapel has a bell tower with a double gable, an uncommon bell tower type in Brittany but very common among the Templar chapels authenticated.

All that is not sufficient to say that this chapel is an old Templar chapel but enough to say that it is possible it was. Then jumping from the possible to the probable and from the probable to the sure goes outside the scope of History and archeology ... In addition, even if this chapel was originally a Templar chapel, it has undergone many changes and subsequent additions and today it is architecturally composite. The current building dates back to essentially 14th-15th centuries.

Up to now, Le Temple Chapel is alas not the subject of any administrative protection.

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