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The church of Santa Comba de Bande is a small Spanish church from the Visigothic period. Due to the lack of a date on the building and the absence of documented mentions contemporary with its construction, it is not possible to date it precisely. On the basis of later mentions (Celanova cartulary) as well as stylistic arguments and construction techniques, this chirch is estimated to date from the 7th century. It is the oldest surviving Visigothic church with a Greek cross plan.

In view of its great age, its state of preservation is remarkable. It has nevertheless undergone some minor modifications over the centuries:
1) The choir was originally surmounted by a room accessed through a small interior opening, which has now become an axial window,
2) The narthex, if not replaced, has been significantly modified,
3) Some side rooms have been removed (only the north-eastern one remains). The contemporaneity of these rooms with the body of the church is not certain and the question remains disputed.
4) A bell flat tower was added in modern times, in a style totally at odds with that of the building.

Santa Comba de Bande is listed as Monumento Nacional (Historical Spanish Heritage) since 1921.



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