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La Tréminou chapel is not only one of the most beautiful chapels of the Pays Bigouden (SW of Brittany) but also a historic landmark. It was used indeed as a kind of "headquarters" during the great revolt of the Bonnets Rouges (Red Caps) who upraised a large part of Brittany in 1675 under the reign of Louis XIV. Anti-fiscal at its beginning, this revolt quickly took a much anti-seigniorial character in Lower-Brittany, with castles sacking and abuses against their occupants. It was at La Tréminou chapel that the Code Paysan ("Peasant Code"), was proclaimed, as a kind of register of grievances and social rules, but this proclamation will be ineffective because the revolt was savagely put down by sending royal regiments. It was not until the French Revolution in 1789 to review an uprising of this magnitude in the kingdom of France.

In addition to its historical interest, this chapel has some noticeable architectural interest. It is shaped in tau and with two aisles. This chapel reflects in part the style called "École de Pont-Croix" (own style of Lower Cornouaille at the beginnings of the Gothic) but it has some older elements (bases of the triumphal arch) and especially more recent ones, of the flamboyant period. Only the sacristies added in the seventeenth century disfigure a little the harmony of the whole. The interior of the chapel also contains remarkable carved top plates. Note the elegance of its little open belltower.

La Tréminou chapel is listed in the Monuments Historiques (Historical French Heritage) since 1926.



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