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Tour Solidor (Solidor Tower), also formerly called Château de Solidor (Solidor Castle), is a fortress built in the 14th century by Jean IV Duke of Brittany to control both navigation and transhipment in the vast estuary of the Rance River and protect the natural harbor of the Solidor Cove. This ducal fortress replaced earlier fortifications, this strategic site being fortified since the Gallo-Roman era.

The other reason for the construction of a powerful fortress, where a guard post would have been sufficient to control navigation and levy taxes, is that Saint-Malo located nearby had a tendency at the time to act as a small maritime republic and to emancipate from the ducal power. The function of this high tower, visible from far away on its rock protruded in the estuary, was therefore as ostentatious as military or fiscal. The duke showed his power and strength by this tower, much higher than all those in the city.

Built in granite of the Chausey Islands, the building consists of a triangular core with three towers engaged at its corners. It has four levels. The latter level on the terrace, with its steep roof, is a restitution of the 19th century, the original super¬structures having been leveled to establish an artillery terrace. The drawbridge was replaced by a stone bridge in the 18th century, when the Tower lost its military importance and was converted into a prison.

Tour Solidor is listed in the Monuments Historiques (Historical French Heritage) since 1886. It now houses the Musée international du Long-Cours Cap-Hornier.

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