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Saint-Melaine church of Andouillé-Neuville is the ancient chapel of a castle, but the latter is now gone, only a few annexes remain from it, among them the church and the communal mill a few tens meters below.

As well as its own interest, the interest of this church consists of its unique setting, on a verdant heights overlooking the village and a large pond.

Of the original chapel remains the nave of the sixteenth century, simple space without aisles or side chapels. The chevet is flat, according to the most usual formula in Brittany in the Gothic period. Although it is now difficult to say, it seems that the original chapel was without bell tower, as it’s usual for the chapel of a castle.

Unfortunately, the sober and elegant chapel of the sixteenth century was heavily reworked in the centuries that followed. First in the seventeenth-eighteenth century, with the addition of two side chapels and the piercing of new windows in the choir. But the major damage to the building will be the closing of the beautiful flamboyant window of the chevet to append it an off-axis sacristy. Finally, the early nineteenth century saw the addition of the side porch and an imposing bell tower crowned, as frequently in the Pays de Rennes, by a bell chamber made of a framework covered with slates.

Up to now, Saint-Melaine church is not the subject of any administrative protection.

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