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Late modern period

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Gare de Pont-l'Abbé  [HO (1:87)]

ref.: Secanda 23.12 version 1a

Pont-l'Abbé station passenger building (1884) in Brittany, terminus of the former Quimper-Pont-l'Abbé single-track line. The station is now disused and the building has been converted into House of the local associations. More information and Download...

Meubles de l'Osté (Seiz Breur 1925)  [1:10]

ref.: Secanda 23.11 version 1a

Iconic set of furniture from Brittany's Ar Seiz Breur movement, exhibited at the famous 1925 Paris Exposition des Arts Déco. More information and Download...

Gatekeeper's house (PN Pleurtuit)  [H0 (1:87)]

ref.: Secanda 23.10 version 1a

A gatekeeper's house from the the former Dinan-Dinard line (in Pleurtuit, north-eastern Brittany). More information and Download...

Railway stations of Pleslin and Pleurtuit (Dinan-Dinard line)  [H0 (1:87)]

ref.: Secanda 23.08 version 1a

The Dinan-Dinard line was a single-track train line of about twenty kilometers. It was put into service in 1887. The passenger service was stopped in 1986 and the line was definitively closed in 1992. More information and Download...

The Invaders  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 20.3 version 1a

Certainly the most famous flying saucer, from the 1960s TV series. A model to build with your little finger in the air! More information and Download...

Église St-Michel, de Bruc-sur-Aff  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.13 version 1a

This rural church in eastern Britain has an ancient nave with an elegant frame bell tower, contrasting with the large transept and choir with cut sides that are much more recent (late nineteenth century). More information and Download...

Boxes for Bombarde reeds  [1:1]

ref.: Secanda 16.10 version 1a

Reinforced box, to accommodate three reeds for the bombarde (traditional Breton oboe) or other near sized reeds.
Nb: object in relation to the free document Bombarde How to. More information and Download...

Église St-Melaine, d'Andouillé-Neuville  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.9 version 1a

The nave of this rural church was originally the former chapel of the castle, then it became later the parish church. The castle today disappeared. More information and Download...