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Various maquettes

3 models

Parking disc French-Breton  [1:1]

ref.: Secanda 16.14 version 1a

Parking disc at the legal French size 150 × 150 mm, 100% paper, with French-Breton bilingual text. Indispensable stuff for your next trip in Brittany!
Nb: object in relation to the free document Bombarde How to. More information and Download...

Piggy bank  [1:1]

ref.: Secanda 16.11 version 1a

Un cochon-tirelire traditionnel. Une tirelire que vous n'aurez pas besoin de casser pour vous offrir les maquettes de ce site puisqu'elles sont toutes gratuites ! More information and Download...

Equatorial sundial  [1:1]

ref.: Secanda 16.7 version 1a

An equatorial sundial, with tilting holder and rotating disk, thus easily adjustable for latitude, longitude, official time and equation of time. More information and Download...