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Early Middle Ages

13 models

Iglesia Santa Comba de Bande  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 22.4 version 2b

The church Santa Comba de Bande is a small Spanish church from the Visigothic period. Its plan is in Greek cross. Despite its respectable age (it is dated from the 7th century) its state of conservation is remarkable.

All the roofs of the model are removable in order to observe the inner layout. More information and Download...

Chapelle Saint-Étienne de Nantes  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 22.1 version 1a

This small, modest-looking chapel is very old, as evidenced by its beautiful, typically Roman masonry. It probably dates from the very end of the imperial period or the beginning of the High Middle Ages. More information and Download...

Gokstadskipet (Gokstad Ship)  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 20.2 version 1a

This famous ship from the Viking era is the best preserved of those found. It was found in the Gokstad burial mound in southern Norway, having been used as a grave ship. It is dated to the late 9th century. More information and Download...

Qubbat As-Sakhrah (Dome of the Rock)  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 19.3 version 1a

This iconic Jerusalem building is the oldest and one of the most famous of Islamic Art. Stylistically, it is an Arab-Byzantine building of the 7th century and its famous blue exterior decoration is Ottoman of the 16th century. More information and Download...

Iglesia San Juan Bautista de Baños de Cerrato  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 18.4 version 1a

This old Spanish church is the only one of the Visigothic period having its date of consecration known with certainty (661). Paper model with removable roof showing inside the nave, which is the major part of the building because it remains intact from 7th century. More information and Download...

Ermita de Nuestra Señora de las Viñas  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 17.2 version 1.a

This pretty little Spanish pre-Romanesque hermitage is the remaining part of a much larger 7th century Visigothic church. Its interior and exterior decoration is remarkable. More information and Download...

Iglesia San Pedro de la Nave  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 17.1 version 1a

This Spanish church dates from the end of the Visigothic period (7th and 8th centuries) and is the most complete and best preserved of this period. It was moved and reassembled from its original site due to the erection of a dam. More information and Download...

Iglesia Santa Cristina de Lena  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.12 version 1a

This small church of the ninth century is a masterpiece of the Asturian Pre-Romanesque art (northern Spain). It is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The model has a removable roof to see the complex inside of the nave. More information and Download...

Capella de San Miguel de Celanova  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.4 version 2a

This tiny chapel is a jewel of the Mozarabic art in Galicia (Spain). The term "Mozarabic" refers to the style of Hispanic Christians medieval buildings constructed in the areas at this time under Muslim occupation. More information and Download...

Chapelle St-Etienne, de Guer  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.2 version 1a

Looking like a old barn, this modest chapel, formerly inside a priory, is one of the oldest chapel in Britanny. It has a rare and remarkable chevet which difficult to date but whose style recalls the Carolingian era. More information and Download...

Former St-Pierre cathedral of Alet  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.1 version 1a

Restitution of the former cathedral of Alet (now Saint-Servan in Saint-Malo, Brittany) based on the remaining ruins and available archaeological data. This big pre-Romanesque building, today in ruins, was noticeable for its two apses, West and East. More information and Download...

Royal necropolis-abbey of Maxent  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.7 version 1a

Restitution attempt, based on available archaeological data, of the former abbey founded in Maxent by Salomon, the last king of Britanny in the Carolingian period. More information and Download...

Chapelle Ste-Agathe, de Langon  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.4 version 1a

This tiny chapel is the oldest chapel in Britain. It was established in the former home thermals of a Roman villa now disappeared. More information and Download...