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Chapelle N.-D. de Penhors, en Pouldreuzic  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.5 version 2b updated

Our Lady of Penhors is the patron saint of the Bigoudens and this coastal chapel of Western Brittany is each year the location of the Great Pardon des Bigoudens (traditionnal Christian festivity, typical of Brittany). More information and Download...

Chapelle de la Madeleine de Penmarc'h  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.3 version 2b updated

Like many chapels dedicated to Mary Magdalene, this chapel from the Pays Bigouden, in western Brittany, was once associated with a leprosarium. More information and Download...

Chapelle St-Tremeur, au Guilvinec  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.3 version 2b updated

Coastal chapel from the Pays Bigouden in western Brittany. Like some other chapels in this area, it is devoid of western portal. More information and Download...

Chapelle St-Evy, en St-Jean-Trolimon  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.2 version 2b updated

Small chapel from the Pays Bigouden in western Brittany. Evidence of the ancient cults of the water, it was not built next to a fountain of devotion but on a fountain. More information and Download...

Chapelle St-Vio, en Tréguennec  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.1 version 2b updated

Small coastal chapel from the Pays Bigouden in western Brittany. It was built near a protohistoric stele that the tradition interprets as the "Boat of St-Vio". More information and Download...

Chapelle de la Tréminou, en Plomeur  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.8 version 2b updated

This beautiful chapel from the <i>Pays Bigouden</i> in western Brittany is an important place of the revolt of the <i>Bonnets rouges</i> during the 17th century in Britanny. The "« Code Paysan »" was proclaimed in front of the chapel, a kind of prelude to the French Revolution. More information and Download...

Chapelle St-Tremeur en Cleden-Cap-Sizun  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 22.05 version 1a

This pretty little 16th century Breton chapel has an unusual inscription in Breton language (dedication of the chapel and date of foundation) on its south facade, taking up half the length of the facade! More information and Download...

Chapelle de Kerdevot  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 22.3 version 1a

This large and beautiful rural chapel in the Glazig region of Brittany dates from the 16th century. Popular tradition says that it was built following a plague epidemic. More information and Download...

Tronoën chapel and calvary  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 22.2 version 1a

This famous Breton chapel and its great calvary (the oldest in Brittany) date from the 15th century. The beauty of this chapel and its location in the dunes of the Pays Bigouden led to its being nicknamed the "Cathedral of the sands". More information and Download...

Qubbat As-Sakhrah (Dome of the Rock)  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 19.3 version 1a

This iconic Jerusalem building is the oldest and one of the most famous of Islamic Art. Stylistically, it is an Arab-Byzantine building of the 7th century and its famous blue exterior decoration is Ottoman of the 16th century. More information and Download...

Moulin Chef-du-Bois, de La Forêt-Fouesnant  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.15 version 1a

This beautiful double-wheeled mill from Basse-Cornouaille, in western Brittany, is a former communal mill from the Ancien Régime and shows a remarkable aristocratic type of architecture. More information and Download...