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Roman house of Hent Trégoné in Fouesnant  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 23.07 version 1a

Restitution of a small Roman rural house whose foundations were discovered south of Cornouaille in present-day Brittany. Its dating is estimated at the end of the 1st century or the beginning of the 2nd century More information and Download...

Chapelle Saint-Étienne de Nantes  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 22.1 version 1a

This small, modest-looking chapel is very old, as evidenced by its beautiful, typically Roman masonry. It probably dates from the very end of the imperial period or the beginning of the High Middle Ages. More information and Download...

The "Maison Carrée" of Nîmes  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 19.1 version 1a

This famous Roman temple of the Augustan era has survived the centuries in a remarkable state of preservation. Built in the early 1st century, it was used for the imperial cult. The model has a removable roof revealing the pronaos and the cella. More information and Download...

Domus au Grand Péristyle de Vieux-la-Romaine  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 16.5 version 2b

Restitution from the available archaeological data of an urban house of the Gallo-Roman era. Although located very north, its style is typically Mediterranean. Model with removable roof to see the innner partitioning. More information and Download...

Chapelle Ste-Agathe, de Langon  [1:100]

ref.: Secanda 15.4 version 1a

This tiny chapel is the oldest chapel in Britain. It was established in the former home thermals of a Roman villa now disappeared. More information and Download...