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Download the PDF files of the models. Each file includes instructions (some instructions are illustrated, some are not or barely) followed by plates to print then cut.

The plates must be printed on A4 paper of good quality and heavy weight 160 gr.

The number of plates to print is indicated for each model in the small logo at right hand side.

Print the plates as "real size" or "100%" (see the printing settings or your PDF reader and the settings of your printer).

Most of the architectural models are provided at scale 1:100. If you want to increase or decrease this scale, each plate is provided with a strip chart (5 meters) that allows you to calculate or verify the scale obtained after resizing.

If you have a building problem or find an error, get in touch.




Secanda : Latin gerondive/verbal adjective use substantively and that could be translated as "things to cut".


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