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Manuel (27/04/2019) :
Muchas gracias. Son unos modelos magníficos.

Manuel (27/04/2019) :
Muchas gracias. Son unos modelos magníficos.

Jim Donohoe (26/04/2019) :
A most excellent collection , very good attention to detail .
I hope to complete a few over the coming months .

Max (14/04/2019) :
Very good, excelente site. Thanks.

Donald O'Brien (22/03/2019) :
Thanks so much for the models!b  They're beautiful; beautifully conceived, beautifully
designed, beautifully executed!I will enjoy building them very much!

sero (18/02/2019) :
Wow, what a detailed and refined work! Thank you very much.
J'aime la Bretagne. Merci bien pour votre travaille et pour le téléchargement.

(anonyme) (13/02/2019) :
Good work.

hcc (11/02/2019) :
Thank you very much for providing such a refined model!!

Pavel Michálek (CZ) (11/02/2019) :
Velmi pěkné a propracované modely. Stáhl jsem si některé a budu stavět. Ahoj

Daniel Granfors (10/02/2019) :
Exquisite models! Ancient buildings in ruins would be a superb category.

phi (07/02/2019) :
Bravo, c'est excellent. Merci beaucoup.

ronaldoM (02/02/2019) :
Parabéns pela iniciativa em divulgar esses monumentos. São preciosos e muito bem
Saudações desde o Brasil!

Antología Rock (12/01/2019) :
Very nice models. I like the designs. I'm going to try building some models.

alex lopata (10/01/2019) :
Crownsville Maryland USA     Any plans on doing San Pedro de Roda?  My wife was studying
that church in graduate school in art history.

alex lopata (10/01/2019) :
thank you for your work and publishing

jennis70 (10/01/2019) :
Wonderful Models

Mike (14/12/2018) :
Excellent paper models! I hope you're going to produce more.

Manuel Ibáñez (11/12/2018) :
Excelente aportación, magnífica calidad y mejor el que generosamente lo comparten en
forma gratuita. Desde México gracias y regalenos más. Gracias anticipadas.

paulo (10/12/2018) :
amazing work.
a very big thanks from Portugal.

José (10/12/2018) :
Felicitaciones.  Muchas gracias JG

blueyeppoon (10/12/2018) :
An amazing collection Secanda and the other amazing thing is that you have shared all this
work with everybody. Thank you I shall lok for your posts with even more interest now.
Thanks once again


Missileer (10/12/2018) :
Thank you for sharing these wonderful models.  I plan to build several of them for my
youngest granddaughter's school library.  I will begin with the Roman excavation that
shows the interior rooms of the building.

Ken Moore (10/12/2018) :
Thank you for sharing your models with me and the rest of the world.

john (10/12/2018) :
Thank you for the happiness provided by your paper models.

wyatt (10/12/2018) :
Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing you wonderful models.


Aldo (10/12/2018) :
It's great to find these wonderful models (via PAPERMAU website). Can't wait to start
adding them to my collection!

JL Delgado (03/01/2017) :
Superb page!!!

Merci bien pour ce merveilleux travail.

Il me reste qu'apprendre comment faire mes propres modéles... :)


Manuel Wurstlander (26/12/2016) :
These Secanda are grear work! Thank you so much for it! Now I am waiting for the model of
Notre-Dame de Tronoën...
A +
Manuel Wurstlander

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Secanda : Latin gerondive/verbal adjective use substantively and that could be translated as "things to cut".


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